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Release 5.4 is here...
Release 5.4 is here...

Better, Faster, and Stronger πŸš€ with new features and significant improvements!

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πŸŽ‰ We're thrilled to announce the release of Clinicminds version 5.4!

This latest update is packed with exciting new features and enhancements designed to improve your experience and streamline your clinic's operations. We listened to your feedback and have delivered a variety of improvements to make your life easier and your patients happier. So, get ready to explore all the fantastic updates we've made in this new version.

Let's dive in! πŸš€

Scheduling and Calendar

  • The latest version of Clinicminds, version 5.4, introduces new scheduling restrictions for work hours. These new restrictions provide greater control over the timing of appointments, making it easier to allocate specific time slots for particular treatments, surgery, or e.g., video consultations.

    For manual bookings, these restrictions are clearly highlighted in the calendar, while online bookings are automatically adjusted based on available slots. This feature is ideal for healthcare professionals who require precise management of their schedules to ensure maximum efficiency and optimal patient care.

    πŸ’‘ To learn more about restrictions, read this article.

  • To assist with approving online bookings, we have included a button that enables you to view existing patient details while in the process of approving. This feature provides convenient and fast access to patient details and history information while manually reviewing the approval process.

    πŸ’‘ To learn more about reviewing patient data before approving the booking, read this article.

  • A new feature has been implemented that allows staff to make internal notes regarding the rejection of an online booking. The reasons for rejection are not shared with the patient. This functionality provides a means for staff to document pertinent information while maintaining confidentiality.

    πŸ’‘ To learn more about internal rejection notes, review this article.


  • Now, you can provide a reason for canceling an appointment or rejecting an online booking. This information will be visible to the patient and included in the email to ensure clear communication and prevent any confusion.

    πŸ’‘ To learn more about registering cancelation notes, read this article.


  • The appointment cancellation date has been included in the appointment export. This will facilitate contacting patients who canceled their appointments at the appropriate time for follow-up.


  • Our latest release has brought in a cool safety feature - colored alert badges! Now, you can easily spot important answers in your records that may require extra attention or are potentially hazardous. These badges are fully customizable and can be set up for specific answers to questions. Stay on top of your game with this awesome new addition!

    πŸ’‘ To learn how to set up colored alert badges, read the following article.


  • Customizability has been expanded to allow clinics to upload their own drawing templates for treatments. This is useful if specialized drawings are needed or if the templates should align with the clinic's branding.

    πŸ’‘ To learn how to add custom drawing templates, please refer to the following article.


  • To cater to different personnel performing the sign-in and sign-out, separate permission for entering sign-in and sign-out checklists in treatment records has been implemented, removing the need for practitioner permissions.

    πŸ’‘ To learn how to grant these permissions, follow these steps.


  • With Clinicminds 5.4, there's no need to worry if you missed any important details when closing a record. You can easily reopen it within 24 hours and make any necessary additions or edits. This feature makes it even easier to ensure that your records are complete and accurate.

    πŸ’‘ To understand how to reopen a closed record and edit it, take notice of these steps.


  • A handy button has been added on the patient screen for Mailchimp newsletter subscription. This enables easy checking of a patient’s subscription status and updating it as required.

    πŸ’‘ To quickly subscribe your patients to your newsletter, read this article.


  • To make sure that all critical details are available, we display an alert icon in the patient overview window if the patient's date of birth or national identification number is missing.


  • A change is introduced to draft patients. They now get stored for a shorter duration to maintain a clean dashboard. Moreover, only one can be saved per device.

    πŸ’‘ To learn more about draft patients, read this article.


  • You now have the ability to easily send attachments to patients with just one click. If you come across an attachment that has been uploaded to a patient's profile or record, you can now send it directly to the patient. To do this, simply use our messaging feature, which will send an email to the patient with a secure download link to the attachment.

    πŸ’‘ To start securely sending attachments, follow this article.


  • Great news! Our messaging feature has been upgraded to allow for longer SMS messages, and now you can use special characters like emojis or Asian/Arabic/Hebrew characters. How awesome is that? πŸ˜πŸ™Œ

    πŸ’‘ Read the following articles to learn more, longer SMS text messages and allow special characters.

Gift Cards

  • The most recent edition of our gift cards feature allows for the effortless resending or downloading of a PDF gift card that has already been sold over the internet. This feature proves to be particularly handy if the automatic email fails to reach the recipient or is accidentally deleted.

    πŸ’‘ Review these steps to learn how to download or resend a gift card.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • The new update also enables the optionally adding of a phone number to users (clinic staff).

  • Aesthetic improvements have been made by redesigning some buttons on the patient screen.

  • We restyled the β€˜outstanding’ or β€˜paid’ stamps on invoices created within Clinicminds to fit the nowadays styles.

  • We made sure that patients are now clearly prompted to home-sign (consent) forms after an online booking when this feature is enabled by default in your settings.

  • We implemented several enhancements to ensure the correct date format on appointment confirmation and reminders and Clinicminds invoices for Stripe fees.

For further information on these features, explore dedicated help articles in our help center.

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