Release 5.5 is here!

Learn about the all-new exciting features and improvements which this new version brings to our users.

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Exciting times at Clinicminds πŸŽ‰

We are thrilled to unveil Release 5.5, a game-changer for medical professionals and clinics. This update is not just a step but a giant leap in enhancing patient management and clinic operations.

Dive into a world where every communication with your patients is meticulously tracked with our new Communication Log, experience a redefined approach to handling patient medical data, and discover a revolutionized staff planner designed for peak efficiency.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg! Release 5.5 is packed with features and improvements, meticulously crafted to streamline your workflow and elevate the quality of patient care. Get ready to transform your clinic's day-to-day operations with Clinicminds 5.5!

Explore Our Latest Patient Log Feature!

This update introduces a significant feature for patient management - the Communication Log. This new functionality allows clinics to track all communication, including automated and manually drafted emails and SMS messages sent to patients directly from Clinicminds.


  • Comprehensive Tracking: Ensures all patient communications are easily accessible and organized.

  • Enhanced Organization: Simplifies the management of patient interactions.

  • Increased Transparency: Offers a clear history of all communications for reference and record-keeping.

πŸ”Ž For more information and related functionalities, check out our detailed guide. Read article >>

Patient Medical data restructured

Clinicminds introduces an enhanced way of displaying data submitted by patients. This feature aims to streamline how medical questions and forms submitted by patients are organized and accessed.

Medical questions and forms that patients submit are now displayed alongside their corresponding appointments. This integration into the appointment view simplifies accessing patient data relevant to specific appointments. It also reduces clutter in the records list and offers a clearer overview of each patient's submitted information.


  • Improved Organization: Streamlines patient data management by associating submissions with specific appointments.

  • Enhanced Clarity: Reduces record clutter and provides a clearer view of patient information.

  • Increased Efficiency: Simplifies the process of accessing and reviewing patient-submitted data in relation to appointments.

Staff planner Evolved

We’ve made several significant enhancements to the staff planner feature. These improvements are designed to make staff planning more efficient and user-friendly for clinic owners or managers.

List View Staff Planning

List View of Working Times and Blocks Returns!

We added a list view for working times and blocks, making it easier to overview schedules. The list view includes both past and future planned activities for each user.

Location Abbreviation for Working Times

For clinics with multiple locations, working times now include location abbreviations. This feature enhances visibility and helps distinguish schedules across different locations.

Extended Month Switcher

The month switcher in the planner now extends even further away, all the way to December of the following year. This extension aids in long-term planning and scheduling.

Improved Display of Blocks

Blocks in the planner display time/date periods and notes for better clarity.


  • Enhanced Efficiency: Simplifies scheduling and enhances visibility.

  • Better Organization: Facilitates the management of schedules, especially for multi-location clinics.

  • Future-Proof Planning: Allows for more extended planning periods, accommodating long-term schedules.

πŸ”Ž For more detailed guidance on utilizing the improved planner features, refer to our help center article

Enhanced Calendar - Richer details

This fantastic update brings several critical updates to our calendar functionality aimed at enhancing the scheduling experience and providing more insightful information.

Log of Calendar Actions and Activity

A new activity log feature shows all actions, including rescheduled and canceled appointments. This log assists in tracking changes and locating appointments that have been moved or canceled.

Activity Log Calendar

Email Notification for Canceled Appointments

Clinics will now receive email notifications when appointments are canceled due to unpaid prepayments. This feature assists in keeping track of automatic cancellations and understanding gaps in the calendar.

Default Appointment Duration for Specific Treatments

Clinics can now configure default appointment durations for specific treatments, overruling the default category appointment time. When scheduling a treatment, the system automatically sets the duration based on the configured defaults.

Appointment defaults

Scheduling Appointments Using Bookable Services

This new option allows scheduling appointments in the calendar using the configuration from the (online) bookable services. This option will streamline online and offline scheduling. It automatically selects the appropriate duration, practitioner, room, and equipment based on the service settings.


  • Improved Tracking: Offers better oversight of calendar changes and appointment statuses.

  • Enhanced Communication: Keeps the clinic informed about important changes like appointment cancellations.

  • Streamlined Scheduling: Simplifies setting up appointments with accurate durations and resources.

πŸ”Ž Explore more about these updates and their utilization in our help center:

Next-Gen Online Scheduler

Updates to the Online Scheduler bring improvements in its functionality and integration with external tools.

Bookings for Phone Call Appointments ☏

Clinics can now offer bookings for phone call appointments through the Online Scheduler. This feature, next to video consultations, further extends the scheduling capabilities beyond in-person visits.

Google Analytics GA4 and Cross-Domain Measurement

Updated integration with Google Analytics for GA4 and cross-domain measurement. This allows clinics to gather comprehensive analytics from visitors to the Online Scheduler.

Improvements to Meta Pixel Integration

Enhancements made to the Meta Pixel integration resolve most previous issues with invalid data.


  • Expanded Services: Enables clinics to schedule various appointment types, including phone consultations.

  • Enhanced Analytics: Offers more robust tracking and analytics capabilities for better marketing insights.

  • Improved Integration: Ensures smoother operation and more accurate data reporting from the Online Scheduler.

Gift Cards: Finders Keepers

With this update, Clinicminds introduces several enhancements to the Finance module to streamline financial management and reporting.

Improvements to the Gift Cards Screen 🎁

New search and filter features have been developed to locate gift cards quickly by number, buyer, or recipient. We also added visibility of the purchase date/time and status filter to manage gift cards more effectively.

Apart from the above, we added the option to review, resend, and download gift cards.

Finance Refinements

At Clinicminds, we're constantly perfecting existing features to push perfectionism.

Display Taxes and Total Price on the Treatment Plan PDF πŸ“„

Treatment plans will now include a detailed breakdown of taxes and the total treatment price on the PDF. This addition aligns with quotes and invoices, providing clear financial information to patients.

Aim and shoot! - Zapier Integration Updates

We enlarged the integration with Zapier, offering new triggers, and with this, we’re expanding automation possibilities.

New Triggers in Zapier App ⚑️

The Zapier app now includes triggers for 'Prepayment Received', 'Prepayment Refunded', and 'Money Added to Wallet'. These triggers support the automation of various actions based on financial events in Clinicminds.


  • Enhanced Automation: Streamlines workflows by automating actions based on specific triggers.

  • Improved Efficiency: Saves time and reduces manual efforts in managing financial transactions.

  • Better Integration: Allows seamless connectivity with accounting software and other tools through Zapier.

Hi! πŸŽ₯ Video Appointments anywhere, anytime

We improved our video appointments feature, enhancing its flexibility and user experience.

πŸ“Location-Independent Booking of Video Appointments

Patients can now book video appointments regardless of the staff's working location. This update ensures availability is shown based on the practitioner's assignment to the location, not their physical presence.

Patients Viewing Their Own Camera

During video appointments, patients will see their own camera as a thumbnail. This feature mirrors how practitioners see their own camera, enhancing the patient's awareness during the appointment.

And... Many More Fresh Feature Enhancements & Fixes

In addition to the major updates, Clinicminds 5.5 includes a range of other improvements and bug fixes to enhance user experience and system reliability.

Other Improvements

  • Updated date notation for clarity across the app and patient communications.

  • Implemented a logic not to send treatment reminders if a new appointment is already planned for the same treatment category.

  • Improved menu design for better navigation and clarity.

  • Extended the duration of verification codes for securely downloading attachments to 30 minutes.

  • Provided an option to choose whether to send an edited invoice to the patient.

Bug FixesπŸͺ²

  • Resolved visibility issues of other users' upcoming appointments on the dashboard.

  • Fixed the issue of being unable to close open records linked to deleted treatment categories.

  • Corrected the functionality of the 'Drawings' button when no templates are linked.

  • Addressed display issues of practitioner signatures and photos in PDF exports.

  • Fixed revenue counting discrepancies in the 'Treatments' tab of patient history.

  • Resolved minor discrepancies in invoice amounts when discounts were applied.

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