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Learn how to open and review a list view per practitioner in the staff planner.

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We re-introduced the list view for working times and blocks within the staff planner window!

About the staff planner

The staff planner window is specifically designed to help you schedule your staff members' availability hours and absences within the clinic. All practitioners are listed on the left, and all dates are found horizontally. This assists you in scheduling quickly and efficiently but also provides a lot of insight into how many staff members will be working on different dates and times.

But, sometimes, as a manager, you just wish to see all scheduled events in a list to scroll through very easily.

How to open the list view

  1. To review this list, start by opening the staff planner window.

  2. Find the applicable practitioner and click the arrow in the grey bar. This will open the list view as a side panel.

  3. Scroll through the list to review.

  4. If you wish to dive into the details of a scheduled block, just click on the list.

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