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Waiting list in the calendar

Learn how to use the waiting list functionality

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The calendar waiting list is a clear and easy-to-use functionality that can increase your service level and help you minimize the possible loss of patients and revenue due to extended waiting times.

The waiting list is directly located in the calendar window, available and accessible for all clinic staff members. No more fragmented waiting lists spread out across the clinic(s) and call handling services.

You can use this feature to add patients who would like to book an appointment (e.g., a specific day, time, or practitioner) that may not be available at the time of booking. Or you can schedule an appointment in the future and indicate to reschedule to an earlier day when a slot opens.

So, this feature can help minimize the loss of potential or existing patients due to extended waiting times by pulling your revenue forward. The waiting list is easily accessible as well as editable, allowing for quick on-the-spot changes to the calendar.
We also added a search bar to the waiting list. This allows you to quickly find a patient that is listed there.

Tip πŸ’‘

Add e.g. preferred service, day(s), time to the note to make a patient selection from the waiting list easier.

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