Adding patients to the waiting list.

This article discribes how to add patients to a waiting list and how to book an appointment from the list.

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We have now added a waiting list feature into the calendar to track patients who would like to get an appointment earlier. For example, if a patient wants to make an appointment on a specific day (e.g., Monday or Tuesday), there is no calendar option.

You can add a patient to the waiting list either via the menu or the calendar in Clinicminds. Here’s how.

Navigate to to the calendar and click on this icon at the upper right corner of the screen.

Once you’ve selected the icon, you will be provided with a pop-up screen where you can select the patient you’d wish to add, and you can add notes too. For example, the patient prefers an appointment on a Monday.

Video - how to add patients to waiting list

Video - Book appointments from a waiting list

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