We have now added a waiting list feature into the calendar to track patients who would like to get an appointment earlier. For example, if a patient wants to make an appointment on a specific day (e.g., Monday or Tuesday), there is no calendar option.

You can add a patient to the waiting list either via the menu or the calendar in Clinicminds. Here’s how.

Via the menu: Navigate to Menu > Waiting list. You can select the plus icon in the top right corner to add a patient to the waiting list.

Once you’ve selected the icon, you will be provided with a pop-up screen where you can select the patient you’d wish to add, and you can add notes too. For example, the patient prefers an appointment on a Monday.

Via the calendar: In the top right corner of the calendar, you will find a small calendar/note block icon where you can add a patient to the waiting list. When adding a patient to the waiting list via the calendar, the system will provide you with the same pop-up screen as when you add a patient via the menu.

Video - how to add patients to waiting list

Video - Book appointments from a waiting list

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