To ease your daily tasks, we created many automated notifications in Clinicminds. One of these automated messages is the appointment reminder.

To give your patients a heads-up of their upcoming appointment, you can set up an appointment reminder in menu > clinic settings > e-mail & SMS messaging > calendar. Scroll down to ‘’appointments’’ and click ‘’Reminder’’.

Here, you can change the timing and message of the e-mail reminder:

Change the timing and message of the SMS reminder:

Sending treatment reminders by default

To send an appointment reminder by default. Go to menu > clinic settings > calendar > appointment defaults. Scroll down to ‘’Defaults: Send to patient’’ and select the messages you wish to send by default:

Sending treatment reminders manually per appointment

When performing a manual booking, in-clinic, you can manually choose to send a treatment reminder by e-mail, SMS, or both. When booking an appointment, scroll down and select the messages you wish to send under ‘’send to patient’’.

Change the SMS reminder:

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