Setup Guide: E-mail Templates

Set up e-mail templates to send the right information to your patients.

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The Clinicminds app is capable to automatically send multiple messages to your patient. Think for example about appointment confirmations and appointment reminders. But also post-treatment information, treatment summaries, reminders to fill in the medical history questions, and many others.

Each of these messages consists of a header, footer and body text. The header, footer, and body texts are editable. Some system information is automatically placed in the body text of particular messages (for example appointment time and location). These are not editable.

For each of these messages, there’s a template available. It’s advisable to check these messages and make changes according to your needs.

To check and edit your templates open menu > clinic settings > e-mail and SMS messaging section.

To review or edit specific templates go to:
e-mail and sms templates for appointments
e-mail and SMS templates for records
e-mail and SMS templates for prescriptions
e-mail and SMS templates for treatment reminders
e-mail and SMS templates for product reminders

Treatment category-specific information

If you need to add treatment category-specific information use the text field as shown in the screenshot below.

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