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Starting with Clinicminds

Set up your Clinicminds account step-by-step with our Setup Guide.


Manage your patient database and register patient identifications.

Appointments, Planning, and Online Scheduling

Schedule appointments in the calendar, inform your patients before their appointments, manage working times, provide practitioners with access to their schedule, and set up online scheduling.

Video Appointments

Perform remote consultations and inspections using video conferencing.

Medical Records

Register medical records, send relevant documents to your patients, and set up Clinicminds according to your practitioners’ workflow.

Product Sales

Register product sales if your clinic sells products like cremes and lotions.

Administration, Finance, and Analytics

Keep track of your invoices and stock, and set up tax settings.

Promotional offers
Clinic, Locations, and Staff

Set up your clinic and location details, manage your communication, and create user roles and user accounts for your staff.

Clinicminds Subscription

Manage your Clinicminds subscription and payment information

Login Details and Security

Change login details and set up two-factor authentication for extra security.


Connect Clinicminds with MailChimp, Zapier and Stripe to automate your marketing, payments and other processes.


This article describes how to activate and use manual email and sms messages

Clinicminds QMS
Quinn - AI assistant
Updates & releases