Setup Guide: Appointment Defaults

Choose whether appointment confirmations and reminders are sent to your patients by default, and set up other appointment defaults.

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It's time to set up your appointment defaults. These determine several options that affect creating and editing appointments.

The first option is to choose between new appointments based on treatment categories or based on bookable services. For now, we will continue to set up the defaults in the original way, based on treatment categories (we will discuss the bookable services option in a different article).

The second option is to choose a category that is automatically chosen when opening the calendar while scheduling an appointment. This is very convenient if your clinic mainly performs treatments of a particular category.

Next, determine if you wish to send appointment confirmations and reminders to your patients.

Lastly, determine if you wish to let your patients reschedule and/or cancel appointments online. For the first option (rescheduling), you need to set up the online booking widget as well. Go to menu > clinic settings > calendar > appointment defaults

Default appointment duration

To set up default appointment times per specific category, click the applicable category and set all the appointment durations you wish and need to.

Specific appointment duration

In case you need different appointment durations, it's possible to specify this per treatment. First, click on the treatments bar.

This will open a new popup window showing all treatments.

Now, let's assume you wish to set a longer duration than the category default for a "Cosmo Peel Forte" treatment. Click, on the specific treatment and choose the correct duration.

Automatic duration selection while scheduling

Having set up the default duration for this treatment, this will reflect in the calendar when this treatment is scheduled. While scheduling, select the treatment category "Peeling" and next specify the treatment by choosing "Cosmo Peel Forte". The system will automatically book 50 minutes for this appointment.

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