Setup Guide: Online Scheduling Bookable Services

Learn how to set up your bookable services in the online scheduler

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Before you start, please be aware of the following:

  • If you wish to use the booking of rooms & equipment in your clinic, first set this up by following the rooms & equipment manual, which you can find on our support portal.

  • To use online booking, you will need to activate SMS texts. For security reasons, online booking uses SMS texts to validate the customer’s mobile number and confirm the booking.

  • For every booking, an SMS is sent, which deducts one credit from the total amount, also if the patient doesn’t confirm the booking at the end. An extra credit is used if the patient doesn’t receive the SMS, and they request a phone call to get the confirmation code.


Please make sure to follow the steps in the exact order below:

  1. Create services to show online

  2. Name your services

  3. Describe the service

  4. Choose the applicable treatment category the service belongs to

  5. Setup appointment type durations for automatic scheduling

  6. Locations setup
    a) Appointment types available for booking in different locations
    b) Rooms and equipment

  7. Select physicians

Open bookable services

Services, which website visitors can choose between, are shown in your online calendar.

Adding services

Next, start adding your services by clicking the + button in the upper right corner. This will open the “add service” window. Name your service, for example, “Botox”.

Add an explanation if you wish to describe the service to your website visitor.

Next, select the applicable category the created service belongs to and set the default appointment durations by using the drop-down lists. These durations will be used when the service is scheduled online.

When using multiple locations, choose which appointment type is available for online booking per location.

Select the applicable checkboxes per location and per appointment type, you wish to make available for online booking at that specific location.

When using multiple rooms and equipment, select which room(s) or equipment needs to be reserved for the particular service that is being booked.

Finally, select per appointment type and per location which physician is allowed to receive online bookings.

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