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Send and edit treatment reminders (E-mail & SMS)
Send and edit treatment reminders (E-mail & SMS)

Learn how to use E-mail and SMS treatment reminders to stimulate returning patients

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You’re able to set up E-mail and SMS treatment reminders. The SMS feature needs to be activated and credits need to be available.

Template & Default reminder term

To set up Email & SMS treatment reminders, open menu > clinic settings > email & sms messaging > treatment reminders.


To send treatment reminders by e-mail make sure to set up the correct subject and message header and body.

You’re able to include an online booking button in treatment reminder emails. For each treatment, you can enable this and choose the applicable service. This allows the patient to book a repeat treatment, just by a click of a button.


Below the e-mail treatment reminders, when the SMS feature is activated, you will find the text field for the SMS treatment reminder.

Important: Keep in mind that this field can hold up to 160 characters by default. Click here if you wish to extend this limit.

Once you’re done setting everything up, finally hit the save button.

Edit reminder term per record.

Once the template and default reminder term are set up, a bell icon will appear during the treatment registration in the "Treatment - tab":

Whenever that icon is clicked, a new window will pop out where you’re able to set the reminder term if you choose ‘Custom reminder term’:

Send reminder

Make sure the "send treatment reminder" checkbox is active in the "send to patient" pop-up. If you don't edit the reminder term, the default setup reminder term will be used.

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