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Send a message to a single patient
Send a message to a single patient

Learn how to send an e-mail or sms notification to a single patient

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From the patient overview window, you can now send an e-mail or SMS to a single patient with just one click!

This can be helpful if you’re having a delay in your schedule, or in other situations when you want to reach a patient quickly.

Simply click the “Message” button, type your message, change the header and/or footer if convenient, and hit “Send”.

Create E-mail & SMS text templates

You can also add your own templates if you need to send the same message often.

Note: by default text messages can contain a maximum of 160 characters. If you wish to extend this limit, click here to learn how to do so.

Activating your SMS messaging

If you did not already activate your SMS messaging please read this article

To set this up in your account go to menu > app settings > account > SMS messaging

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