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Sending Longer SMS Messages
Sending Longer SMS Messages

Learn how to extend the 160 character limit for SMS messages sent from Clinicminds

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Clinicminds empowers you to send longer SMS messages, exceeding the traditional 160-character limit. You can now compose and deliver SMS messages containing more extensive content, offering greater flexibility in your communication. In this article, we will guide you through the process of activating longer SMS messages and provide details about credit calculation for these extended messages.

By default, SMS messages have a character limit of 160 due to the limitations imposed by the SMS protocol. However, we have introduced a new option that enables longer messages to be sent. This means you can now include an unlimited number of characters in your SMS messages.

Longer SMS messages are delivered as regular text messages to the recipient's device. To ensure seamless delivery, the message provider combines the multiple parts of the message into a cohesive whole on the recipient's phone. The recipient will see the combined message as a single, uninterrupted text.

Note: When sending longer SMS messages, credit calculation may differ from the standard 1:1 ratio. Here's how credit calculation works:

  • For messages up to 160 characters, the standard 1 credit per message is applied.

  • For messages longer than 160 characters, the calculation changes to 1 credit per 153 characters. Each additional part of the longer message incurs an additional credit. For example: a message containing 300 characters would cost 2 credits.

Change message length

To activate the ability to send longer SMS messages, follow these steps:

  • Go to the menu > app-settings > SMS Messaging

  • Locate the "Message Length" header and modify it to allow for longer messages as shown below:

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