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Patient Communication Log
Patient Communication Log

Learn how to review which Email/SMS Messages were went to a patient by using the individual patient communication log.

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Clinicminds provides a seamless way to track the communication history with your patients. This guide explains how to view all email and SMS messages sent to a specific patient through the Clinicminds system.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Navigate to the Patient's Profile: Begin by accessing the patient's profile window in your Clinicminds account.

2. Locate the Communication Log: Find and click on the 'Communication log' button within the patient's profile.

3. Browse the Communication History: The log displays a chronological list of all emails and SMS messages sent to the patient from Clinicminds.

4. Review Specific Messages: Click on individual messages to view their detailed content.

5. Interact with Messages: The log allows interaction with different messages.

Additional Tips

  • Ensure you have the necessary permissions to access patient communications.

  • Regularly check the communication log for updates or to confirm successful message delivery.

  • Utilise the communication log as a tool for patient relationship management.


Clinicminds' communication log feature provides a comprehensive view of your clinic's interactions with patients, ensuring transparency and efficient communication management.

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