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Sending SMS messages with special characters
Sending SMS messages with special characters

Learn how to add special characters to your SMS messages

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In the dynamic and creative world of aesthetics, communication plays a crucial role in connecting with clients and delivering exceptional service. Therefore, we've added the ability to send SMS messages with special characters, such as emojis, Asian characters, Arabic characters, and Hebrew characters. This feature allows aesthetic clinics to enhance their messaging capabilities and provide a more engaging and personalised experience to their clients. In this article, we will guide you through the activation process of SMS messages containing special characters.

Note:Special characters require more data to transmit, which is why longer messages with special characters incur additional costs in terms of SMS credits.

When using special characters, the message length is limited to 70 characters. For longer messages, the calculation changes to 1 credit per 67 characters.

Activating special characters

To enable the option for sending SMS messages with special characters, follow these steps:

  • Go to menu > app-settings > SMS messaging

  • Scroll down to the "message content" header and click the applicable bullet point as shown below:

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