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How to cancel appointments due to special circumstances?
How to cancel appointments due to special circumstances?

Learn how to cancel your appointments and send a special cancellation message, if this is necessary under special circumstances.

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How to cancel appointments due to special circumstances.

In some cases, you may wish to cancel appointments due to special circumstances like coronavirus, and send your patients an adjusted message. You can do this easily by changing your cancellation message template, then cancelling all appointments, and at the end reverting your changes to the templates. This way, your adjusted message is only sent to applicable cancellations.

To change your cancellation templates, navigate to menu > Clinic settings > Email & SMS messaging > Calendar and click Cancellation. From there you can change and adjust the cancellation message your patients will receive. I do advise you save your previous cancellation template for when you're done using your temporary cancellation message. 

Then, cancel all relevant appointments through the calendar. To do so, navigate to menu > Calendar, search the date and location of the appointments, click each one,  select Cancel appointment, tick the email and or SMS checkbox and press save.

Once you have canceled everything you needed to cancel then you can restore your previous cancellation template.

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