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Learn how to setup the medical history request reminder

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Even though the Clinicminds app already sends out an information request to new patients, there are always patients that forget to fill in their information by using the provided secured link. Therefore we’ve created the option to set-up a reminder for patients to respond to this information request link. This will increase the chance that patients will fill in their personal and medical information prior to their visit. When they do, this will save you time during the consultations.

The reminder can be sent automatically (a number of hours before the appointment). It’s possible to send this reminder via e-mail or even via SMS. 

Note: To prevent ‘spamming’ your patients, this reminder will only be sent if the patient didn’t yet submit the information.

In case your patient arrives at the clinic and still didn’t respond to the reminder, it’s now possible to send this request manually as well! Instead of providing your patient with an iPad, asking them to fill in the information, you can inform them they will receive an e-mail or SMS immediately and use their own smartphone to fill in the information at their convenience while waiting for their consultation.

To set-up the medical history request reminder click menu > clinic settings > calendar > appointment defaults

Next, set the number of hours prior to the appointment this reminder needs to be sent. Open the menu > clinic settings > E-mail / SMS templates > calendar > appointments > data/forms reminder

Set the correct number of hours.

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