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Reminder types available in Clinicminds
Reminder types available in Clinicminds

Learn what automated reminders can be sent through Clinicminds.

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To ease your daily workflow, we automated many notifications and reminders. This article will explain the different reminder types available in Clinicminds.

Appointment reminder

A must-have reminder to remind your patient of their upcoming appointment, which also serves as a deterrent for no-show scenarios. Here’s an article on how to set up this reminder.

Treatment reminder

After a set amount of time based on your settings, a treatment reminder is sent out to a patient, this feature helps with ensuring a constant flow of recurring clients. Check out this article to learn how this works in detail.

Product sale reminder

Works the same as the treatment reminder, you have the option to choose a specific product to customize and set the number of days after the sales you wish to send out the reminder. Learn more here.

Prepayment reminder

If your services require a deposit to be availed, then this feature is a must, as this one sends out a reminder to patients who have not yet paid their deposit. This helps avoid scenarios where patients forget that they’re supposed to do a prepayment before anything gets confirmed at all.

You can set the prepayment reminder at the in-app menu > clinic settings > email & SMS messaging > calendar. From there, you’ll see this:

Data/forms reminder

The data/forms reminder is the reminder to your patient to fill out their personal data and medical questions and/or sign their consent form. This helps cut down the waiting time by letting your patients fill out their data from home.

You can set a data/form reminder the in-app menu > clinic settings > email & SMS messaging > calendar. From there, you’ll see this:

Check out this article as well that explains how you can change the e-mail & SMS messages that get sent out.

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