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Import basic information into Clinicminds
Import basic information into Clinicminds

Learn how you can import patients details, like names and contact details, into Clinicminds.

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Basic import (Free version)

Patient details can be imported into Clinicminds. These are values like the name, address, email, phone, and date of birth of your patients. Additionally, you can submit data for the text fields ‘treatment history’, ‘notes’, ‘attention’, and ‘warning’ in Clinicminds.

Patient details can be imported free of charge, often in 1–2 working days. You upload the data in a spreadsheet format (like Excel) through the app, after which we process it.

If you want to import other data, like historical records and attachments, read more about the types of data that can be imported into Clinicminds.

Supported fields

Values for the following fields can be imported:

  • Sex, initials, first name, last name

  • Address

  • Email address

  • Phone number, mobile number

  • Date of birth

  • National identification number (e.g., Social Security Number)

  • GP, pharmacy

  • Treatment history (multi-line text)

  • Notes (multi-line text)

  • Attention (multi-line text)

  • Warning (multi-line text)

Supported formats

The data must be submitted in a spreadsheet, containing a column for each field to be imported. Values for multi-line fields may be split into multiple columns (with one line per column). The following formats are supported:

  • CSV

  • XLS or XLSX (Microsoft Excel)

Ensure that your file uses the proper encoding, so special characters (like characters with accents such as “é”) can be imported correctly.

Submitting the data

To request a patient details import, open menu > App settings > Patient import in the app. Here you can upload your file securely, and see the status of your submitted import job. After uploading a file, the import is often finished in 1–2 working days.

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