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What data can be imported into Clinicminds?
What data can be imported into Clinicminds?

Learn what types of data can be migrated into Clinicminds, from other EMR/CRM systems or spreadsheet/paper records.

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When you start using Clinicminds, you probably have existing data about your patients and their treatment history. This data can be imported into Clinicminds, so you can immediately start using the system with your own patient data.

We have two types of data migration: patient details and in addition historical records, attachments and (future) appointments. Read on to learn about the specifics of both.

Option 1: Basic import (Free)

Patient details are values like the name, address, email, phone, and date of birth of your patients. Additionally, you can submit data for the text fields ‘treatment history’, ‘notes’, ‘attention’, and ‘warning’ in Clinicminds.

Patient details can be imported free of charge, often in 1–2 working days. You upload the data in a spreadsheet format (like Excel) through the app, after which we process it.

Option 2: Advanced import (Paid)

Historical records, attachments and (future) appointments

If you have extensive records registered digitally, those can be imported as well. This would be the case if you switch from another EMR system. We can import records by date, with each record consisting of separate fields/values.

And if you have attachments, like signed informed consents or photos of your patients, we can import those too. These could come from another EMR system, or simply be scanned from paper.

Or if you have a large number of future appointments scheduled in your old EMR or booking system, those can be imported as well. This saves you from the hassle of manually entering all future appointments in your new calendar.

Importing historical records, attachments or appointments requires custom work. The costs are generally between € 1.000 and € 3.500 (one-time fee excluding VAT), and the import takes around 2–6 weeks.

Which option do I need to import treatment history?

The free patient details import (option 1) allows you to submit data for the ‘treatment history’ field in Clinicminds. This field allows for multi-line text, so you can submit one block of text per patient. This is suitable if you only want to import a brief treatment summary. For example, this could look as follows:

2018-03-16: Consultation, frown-lines, botox advised
2018-03-27: Botox treatment (€ 200)
2018-07-04: Botox repeat treatment (€150)

If your treatment history is more extensive, a single text field is not sufficient to store everything. This would be the case if you want to import more details (fields), like a physical examination, medical state, treatment notes, etc. Or if you have attachments, like signed informed consents or photos. In that case, you need the historical records and attachments import (option 2).

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