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EMR updates April 2020
EMR updates April 2020

Learn about our new updates and enhancements to our EMR

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This article describes the changes to the EMR which we have been developing. We hope you'll enjoy the new features and enhancement.



  • Notes in each record tab (also available after closing record).
    Now, after closing a record you’re able to add notes in each part of the record which is logged with a date and time stamp. Read more

  • Option to require explanation to yes/no questions if answered with “yes”.
    When using yes/no questions in your questionnaires, it’s now possible to make an explanation required when a patients answers with “yes”.

  • Headers and text blocks in question lists.
    Start organizing your medical questionnaires by using Headers and provide an explanation about the questionnaires by using text blocks. For example, nicely order all questions about medication below a Medication header, etc. Read more


  • Option to add custom questions to case history
    Need or want to get more standardized details about your patient during the consultation? Or, do you want to collect extra information per treatment e.g. for research purposes? Start using the custom questions in the case history tab.

  • Setting to let practitioners (as well as patient) sign treatment plans.
    In some cases it’s desirable to add the practitioner’s signature (countersigning) to the treatment plan, now you can make sure this happens every time. Read more

  • Setting to let practitioners (as well as patient) sign consent forms.
    In some regions it’s mandatory for compliance and in some it’s desirable to add the practitioner’s signature to the consent form. Start signing! 


  • Registration of expiration date and unique device identifier code in addition to lot number.
    We already prepared the app for the new MDR regulation and added a new lot number registration screen. Now it contains the lot number, expiration date, and the UDI number. Of course, all these numbers are trackable.

  • Setting to hide amounts on drawings in treatment summary (to patient).
    Don’t want to show the number of product units injected on the treatment summary PDF? Just make sure to use the setting to hide these.


  • Notes in payment tab (for instructions to the front desk).
    Need to signal the front desk about a certain payment coming up, just use these notes to inform them! Fast, simple and easy. Read more

  • Option to display extra treatment or product info on invoices (e.g., in the Netherlands “prestatiecodes”).
    In some cases, it’s desirable to print certain treatment information on an invoice. For example, a diagnosis-code or treatment-code which helps patients to declare the invoice at their insurance company. Read more


  • Register custom complication types.
    We enhanced our complication registration. Now you can set up standardized complications which you can choose from while reviewing a complication. Of course, it’s possible to export these findings and research the compilations each period. Read more

  • Registration of side effects (similar to complications)
    Besides our enhanced complication registration, we added a new option to add side-effects. Of course, these are less worrying than complications, but they’re definitely worth registering. Read more

Calendar, Planning & Online Scheduler

  • Appointments with a tentative time.
    Do you perform larger surgery in your clinic? Now it’s possible to schedule larger surgeries on a specific day but with a tentative time. Meaning, the patient will get a confirmation of the surgery date and location but will not be informed of any time schedule. Once the time is definite, you’re able to confirm this to your patients. Shuffle your surgery schedule to create the best sequence of surgery. Read more

  • Appointment cancellations logged.
    Now it’s easy to track which staff member canceled an appointment.

  • Working time/block edits logged.
    Did anyone block my schedule? Just take a look at the log to see who did.


  • “Not welcome” option for patients.
    Are you tired of the same patient just not showing up several times in a row? Just mark him/her as not welcome and they will be blocked for new appointments. Read more


  • “Recall” report with a filter on lot number.

  • Separate filters for appointment date and booking date in appointments reports.

  • Option to hide patient details from quotes/invoices reports.

  • Need to anonymize financial reports for bookkeepers? Now it’s done with a simple click.


  • Separate email address per location for online booking notifications.

  • Separate billing email address for Clinicminds invoices and payment notices.

  • Screen to easily link settings to treatment categories.

  • Permissions to only view own quotes/invoices/cash register

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