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Add appointments with a tentative time.

Learn how to add appointments with a tentative time to schedule more efficiently.

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Tentative appointments

When booking an appointment it can be ideal to not have a set time because you want to plan efficiently before making the booking definite. This way of scheduling happens frequently when scheduling surgeries. The surgery is scheduled on a specific day, with a tentative time.

With the tentative time option, you are able to fill up your schedule without confirming any time, meaning that you can change and reschedule the appointments on the same day without sending the patient a confirmation every time. When you confirm the tentative time, the patient will receive a final confirmation which will show the appointment type, date and time. This feature helps you to organise the surgery day efficiently and according to regulation. 

Tentative checkbox

To schedule a tentative appointment, click the checkbox “Tentative” in your calendar when booking a new appointment (next to the booking time) - This appointment is now considered tentative and will need to be confirmed in a later stage.

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