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Release Notes Update Version 4.15, Spring 2022
Release Notes Update Version 4.15, Spring 2022
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We are pleased to bring you our spring 2022 release v4.15. Even though it seemed quiet, we've been quite busy with a lot of under the hood development and preparations for future new development. We will keep you informed about these as soon as possible.

But, this update brings several new features and enhancements which will improve your daily work. We hope you will enjoy this update.

Online Scheduler

URL for practitioners 🔗

Start creating and using URLs directly to the scheduler for specific practitioners. If practitioners within your clinic want to promote themselves through their network, or if you wish to offer bookings for a particular practitioner through your marketing, this is now possible with a custom URL.

The cool thing is that this also works with our short, readable URLs, which we introduced around New Year. So, get nice-looking URLs like

Scheduling suggestions 𝌡

The online scheduler now offers suggestions for other practitioners when the preferred practitioner is unavailable. This way, visitors will get a clear alternative when their preferred practitioner is unavailable, preventing bounces.

First availability ⏱

The first available booking time is now clearly separately displayed in the scheduler, making it easier for visitors that want to book an appointment ASAP.

Search service 🔎

Some clinics offer a large number of treatments. When these services are presented in their online scheduler, this can cause clutter and difficulties finding the correct service. Therefore we're now offering a new search feature on the services screen. This will help visitors to find the right service more quickly.

Location 📍vs. practitioner 👩‍⚕️

We’ve made some improvements to the display of locations in the scheduler. Now, visitors will first select a location before choosing a (preferred) practitioner. This improves the booking flow, as we can now only show the practitioners that work at the desired location.


Calendar blocks 🚫

Blocks will now be displayed with a different design, so they can clearly be distinguished from ‘empty,’ non-bookable space (grey) in the calendar.

Warning ⚠️

While booking an appointment or approving an online booking for a patient that is not welcome, the system now displays a (more) explicit warning. This warning will also show when you approve an online booking and select a patient that is not allowed to book online.

Assign a different practitioner 🥼

When a patient booked an appointment online but did not specify a preferred practitioner, you can assign the patient to another available practitioner while approving the appointment. Get more control over the practitioner's schedule.

Request an online prepayment 💳

You can manually request a prepayment while approving an online booking if needed. This can be useful if you don’t require prepayments (for some or all services) by default, but you want to make exceptions for specific patients.

The cool thing is that it works just like our other prepayments for regular booked appointments: the patient receives a separate message requesting the payment, and if they don’t pay in time, the booking can automatically be canceled.

Delete future working times ⌫

When a user is deleted, all future working times and blocks of this user will be deleted. This way, the times that you might have planned will no longer clutter up your calendar. Of course, scheduled appointments remain visible, so you can reschedule these patients if needed.


Edit and view log 🗄

Clinicminds now offers a complete log of users editing and viewing patient records. We already logged edits before, but now you can also track which users viewed a record to ensure no unauthorized actions are performed.

Fixed treatment category templates📘

When you added a treatment category containing text templates while you already entered information in your record, the text templates of the newly added category would not show up in the record. Annoying! The good news is that it's now fixed, so your documents will always contain all applicable text templates.

Additional information on an invoice 🧾

It’s now possible to add multiple text lines of extra information for treatments and products on your invoices. You could already add one line of text before, but this was not enough for some situations. We now support German clinics better by creating GOÄ compliant invoices with this feature.

More permissions ✍️

We’ve separated the permissions for moving or backdating records and deleting records. Before, those three actions were combined under one authorization. We learned that it’s more common than we thought that users need to be able to move/backdate records while they don’t need to be able to delete them. This can now be controlled separately. User roles that had the old permission retain the two new permissions, so if this applies to your clinic, you can remove the delete permission from the relevant user roles.

Patient communication

Patient detail fields ℹ️

After receiving several requests, we now made it possible to choose which patient detail fields are required for your clinic. If you want to complete all data, you can set more fields to ‘required,’ The system will ensure that the data is entered completely. But, if you want to reduce the amount of data, you can make fields ‘optional’ to save time. Some fields can even be hidden.

Safely sending attachments 📎

Suppose you need to send specific files to your patients that can’t be sent using regular unsecured email. In that case, it’s now possible to send secured attachments to patients with our manual email messages feature. The attachments are sent using a secure download link, the same way other attachments from the Clinicminds system are sent to patients.

Receiving brochures with a download button ⬇️

Brochures are now received via a download button instead of regular email attachments. This keeps the emails smaller and faster to send and resolves issues where large brochures could be blocked due to their size. Because the brochures are generic and don’t contain patient details, they can be viewed directly after clicking the button (so no additional verification is needed).


Wallet deposit confirmations 📋

Send or resend ‘add to wallet’ confirmations to patients. This was already possible while you were adding a credit to the wallet. But now, if forgotten, or if the email didn’t come through, you can do this later as well. This is helpful if, for example, a patient made a deposit for a treatment in your clinic, and you want to send them a confirmation of the deposit.


Prescription report ℞

There’s a new report of prescriptions. Use this report to see which medication was prescribed in a certain period. You can filter on prescription date, location, and prescriber to get your data.

Treatment category filter 🔦

We added a treatment category filter in the retention report. Previously, you could only filter this report on specific treatments. With this new category filter, you can efficiently perform analytics or marketing on whole treatment categories at once.

Permissions and bookkeeping €

We added individual permissions to access financial exports with or without patient details. This is useful if you give your bookkeeper or accountant direct access to your financial exports. Only the patient numbers will be included in the exports without permission to the patient details.

Trash 🗑

We did a spring cleaning! But instead of throwing the trash out, we will be keeping it a bit longer 😊 Because from now, deleted patients, records, and appointments are held in the trash bin in Clinicminds. Like you're used to in, for example, email applications or your operating system.

If you accidentally deleted something, you could quickly restore it from the trash. Items get permanently deleted from the trash after one month, after which they can no longer be restored.

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