Add money to the patient's wallet

Learn hoe to manually add credit to the patient's wallet

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After consulting a patient it often happens that a patient needs or wants to schedule the next treatment. Some treatments require a deposit, for example, small / larger surgery. To register a deposit that a patient makes at the front desk, you can use the feature "add money to wallet". This will add credit to the patient's wallet which can be applied later to settle a treatment invoice.

Note: a user needs to have permission to perform this action. This can be applied in the user role.

Add money to wallet

Open the patient overview window. Next, click on the wallet button. The wallet will open as a pop-up.

Now click the 'add money' link.

Select the correct payment method and type the correct amount. Add a note for future reference, e.g. deposit blepharoplasty. To finalize click the save button.

Send receipt for a wallet deposit

You're able to send patients a receipt through email confirming their deposit added to their digital "wallet". There's a separate email template available from which you can adjust the text.

If you would like to edit the template for this receipt email, simply navigate to Menu > Clinic settings > Email & SMS messaging > Finance. Select the template "Money added to wallet", and if needed, add or change the information in the email template.

To send the email confirmation when adding money to the patient’s wallet, simply select the checkbox “send confirmation via email”.

Resend receipt or send receipt at a later time

It's possible to send or resend ‘add to wallet’ confirmations (receipts) to patients at a later time. This is helpful if, for example, a patient made a deposit for a treatment in your clinic, and you want to send them a confirmation of it.

Revert or undo ‘add to wallet’ transactions

It's possible to quickly revert (undo) money added to a patient's wallet if done by mistake.

There's separate permission available in the user roles, which allows users to revert wallet transactions. This permission is available in the "Finance" section.

To revert a wallet transaction you will first need to go to the patient’s wallet. There you will see the previous wallet transactions, you will also see three dots on the right-hand side of the transaction, select these dots to be given the option to revert the transaction.

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