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Update Release version 4.12
Update Release version 4.12
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After a short while of relative silence, we bring you the next version of Clinicminds. This update brings multiple new features and several improvements to existing features. Let’s dive in!


Add money (credit) to the wallet 💶

Do you recognize the situation that a patient wants or needs to make a deposit while scheduling the next appointment for the desired or discussed treatment?. They often deposit at the front desk (often after the consultation), and payment is according to your accepted payment methods.

To support this situation, you can now manually add credit to the wallet! The amount is added immediately to the patient’s wallet balance and can be applied later to settle a treatment invoice. To keep life simple, these manually added credits will show in your cash register and bookkeeping reports, so your administration remains complete. Oh, and don’t worry about security. A user needs to have permission to perform this action.

Button to open Stripe

We added a button to each deposit or refund row to review online deposits or refunds in your Stripe account. This button allows you to quickly find details of Stripe payments from the overviews in Clinicminds.

Deposit information in online booking notifications 📧

We included information regarding the deposit in the online booking notifications that the clinic receives. When a patient books, reschedules, or cancels an appointment online, the notifications now show whether a deposit is paid or refunded.


More details in the appointment popup 📆

Efficiency is what we stand for. Therefore we added more patient details to the appointment pop-up. It’s now faster and easier to check if the patient details are complete and whether the patient ID registration has already registered in the past. All from one screen while marking a patient as ‘arrived’.

Waiting time indication ⏱

The dashboard now shows the waiting time of patients that arrived at the clinic. Keep track of how long patients have been waiting already.


Photo comparison 🎞

Sometimes minor adjustments make life a lot easier. Therefore we separated the ‘Before’ and ‘after’ treatment photos more clearly in the photo comparison window, so you can more easily select photos from before or after treatment.

Review LOT numbers 🔢

More users can now review lot numbers in earlier closed records. Previously, this was only possible with specific permissions, but now everybody who can view records can also view the lot numbers.

Surgical Checklists in International English ☑️

We now use the English terminology for surgical checklists in all languages: sign-in, time-out, and sign-out. Previously, these terms were translated into German, French, and Spanish, but users did not widely understand these. The English phrases are recommended by the WHO and are commonly used throughout the world.


Delete credit invoice 🧾

It’s now possible to delete credit invoices. While you could already edit and delete regular invoices, it was impossible to correct mistakes in credit invoices. Now you can delete them from the app (only available with the correct permissions) and create a new credit invoice if needed.

Cash register

We enhanced the cash register which now shows wallet spendings and credits added to the patient's wallet. The amounts added to a patient's wallet will be summed in the correct payment method row, e.g. VISA or cash.

Refresh button revenue monitor 🔄

It’s easy to forget the most straightforward buttons or features while building a complex patient management system. We added a refresh button in the revenue monitor, making it easy to see your revenue growth throughout the day.

Bookkeeping codes 📙

In the finance settings, we added windows to set up bookkeeping codes for all your treatments, packages, products, and tax rates at once. With this, you can quickly set up all bookkeeping codes to ensure you can easily use your financial data from Clinicminds in your administrative or bookkeeping software.


Direct email message to a patient 📤

In addition to SMS messages, you can now send manual emails to a patient. On the patient overview window, click the message button to send a message to your patient immediately.

Use custom HTML templates ䷓

Do you wish to style your emails according to your style and branding? Well, now it’s possible to use a custom HTML template for emails. This way, you can send all your emails to your patients (and their GPs/pharmacies) using your clinic’s style and branding.

To learn more about using HTML, we strongly suggest contacting your web developer/design agency.

Reporting 📊

Reporting is inevitable to run your clinic efficiently! So, we expanded and improved some of our reports according to the feedback we received in the past couple of months.

‘Not welcome’ field in export

We added the ‘Not welcome’ field in the ‘Patients’ export report. If you need to filter on patients that are not welcome from your patient list, this is the way to find them fast and easy.

Filter treatment category

You can now filter on ‘Treatment category’ in the ‘Patients by treatment’ report. This report allows you to find all patients who had a specific treatment. Now you can also filter by treatment category if you want to search more broadly.

Enhancement grouped & collapsed columns

We improved the grouped & collapsed columns in various Excel reports. These are now displayed more clearly.

Status Page, impressive figures, don’t you think?!

“Is everything up and running with Clinicminds, or do I have an issue with my local internet service or device?” Well, you don’t need to send us an email anymore. Just visit our new status page to get the most up to date information about our services:

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