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Version 5.3 Spring Cleaning Update
Version 5.3 Spring Cleaning Update

Summary of Clinicminds release 5.3 which includes mainly bugfixes and enhancements

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Version 5.3 Spring Cleaning Update


  • Clinicminds QMS now supports colored labels. Labels allow you to clearly mark folders and documents that belong together and easily find them back.

  • When moving a folder or document in the QMS, we now show a warning when people will lose access. This situation can happen when you move a folder or documents into a folder with access restrictions.


  • We’ve added a new Zapier trigger that fires when payment is registered in Clinicminds. This trigger can be helpful in syncing payments to your bookkeeping or tax system. And to make it fully complete, there’s a second new trigger for deleted payments, so you can also track any corrections made.

  • We added the appointment duration and booking date to our Zapier appointment triggers. These can be useful in any custom patient communication or marketing and analytics.


  • When selecting a patient with incomplete data, you can now edit patient data without leaving your flow. Previously, for example, when booking an appointment and choosing a patient with incomplete data, you would get redirected to the ‘edit patient’ page and lose your position in the calendar. Now, a popup shows where you can edit the patient’s data, after which you return to the flow you started from.

  • Sometimes, it can get busy at the front desk, and you may forget to save a product sale when something urgent arises. To help you prevent this, we now show confirmation before leaving a new (not yet saved) product sale.

  • We now show a label on the patient profile when online bookings are prohibited. Previously, you could only see this by going into the ‘edit patient’ screen.

  • For clinics with one location, we’ve added a new color for working times in the staff planner to make the screen look likable.

  • We’ve made it impossible for users to downgrade their role (losing admin permissions) or to suspend themselves. This way, you cannot (accidentally) lock yourself out of your account. You can ask a colleague if you still want to downgrade or suspend your account.

Bug fixes

  • Due to a recent update, you would not always get the latest version of the answers when clicking the “historical answers” shortcut in the medical state. This incidental error is now fixed; you will always get the latest answers in your record.

  • We’ve made sure that the default treatment category for a user always gets applied when creating a new record. Before, in some situations, the default treatment category would not be applied so that records would be created without any treatment category.

  • After a recent update, viewing treatment drawings from an inspection record was no longer possible. The button would not be clickable, and you would have to open the treatment record to access the drawings. This issue is resolved now!

  • If you had created a bookable service without linking any users, and your clinic only has one location, visitors of your online scheduler could get into an unclear screen. We’ve improved this, so they’ll see a clear message explaining that the selected service cannot be booked online.

  • Exporting ‘personal’ invoices to PDF or ZIP could break for product sales without a linked patient because those sales don’t have a ‘personal’ invoice. We’ve resolved this; now we’re including the ‘anonymous’ invoices for those sales.

  • For clinics in The Netherlands, a patient’s birthdate could be shown one day off if born before 1940. The error is resolved, so the dates are now correctly displayed. Note that if you manually adjusted the birthdate by one day to see the correct date, you should revert that, as you will now see the modified date as you set it (so one day off).

  • We introduced a feature to securely send attachments to patients with manual email messages some time ago, but this would only be visible for clinics that had brochures set up. We’ve resolved that this feature can now also be used if you don’t have any brochures.

  • We solved an error that could have occurred when adding money to a patient’s wallet, only for specific amounts. Now you can enter any amount, and the system will handle it!

  • When you try to open the ‘send to patient’ popup in a ‘data before appointment’ record (i.e., the medical state and/or forms submitted by the patient from home), it will not work. We’ve resolved that.

  • We’ve ensured the planner doesn’t scroll up when opening a filter/dropdown at the top. Having many practitioners (rows) in your planner will ensure you don’t lose your position on the page.

  • We fixed various issues related to our Clinicminds subscription billing. Clinics from the United Kingdom should now be able to use SEPA direct debit without getting an error. We also fixed an error that could occur when changing your payment method. And we’ve ensured that we don’t send emails about expiring cards if that card is no longer in use as your default payment method.

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