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Learn how to add GOA details to your invoice

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The Gebührenordnung für Ärzte (GOÄ) regulates the billing of medical services outside of contractual medical care in Germany and is quite a complicated subject for German clinics. This article explains how to register your GOÄ numbers and factors on your invoices.

In this example, we set up a Botox treatment per zone: Go to menu > record settings > treatments and create a new treatment called ‘’Botox 1 zone’’. Scroll down to ‘’Info on invoices’’. Here, you can add your pricing ‘scheme’ with the GOÄ numbers and faktors included:

BTX-Beratung: Nummer 1 GOÄ 80 Punkte 2,3-fach
BTX-Injektionen (15 ml): Nummer 252 GOÄ 40 Punkte 3,5-fach (Begründung: „Schwierige Injektion von Botox“)
Untersuchung vor und nach BTX-Injektionen: Nummer 5 GOÄ 80 Punkte 2,3-fach;

Treatment registration

When selecting a treatment in the treatment tab, a multiplier will appear. Changing the multiplier will affect the pricing of a treatment. Keep in mind that by multiplying the treatment by ‘2’, the pricing will be multiplied by 2 as well. To prevent this, use volume pricing in the setup of your treatment. Read this article to learn how to use volume pricing.

When finalizing the payment in the payment tab, an invoice is created. The invoice will show the treatment and GOÄ information as follows:

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