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Communication tools to interact with team members in your clinic
Communication tools to interact with team members in your clinic

Learn how to add notes in different ways to communicate with your colleagues

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Sometimes it’s desirable to communicate with your colleagues without wandering through your clinic looking for them. There are multiple ways to share information with your colleagues. The possibilities are listed and explained below.

Payment notes

Sometimes it is desirable to add important notes regarding the payment of treatment for the front desk. Use the note field in the payment tab to add this information. Read this article to learn how to add a note to the payment screen.

Arrival Notes

An easy, but essential step. As a front desk employee, you can tell the practitioner if their next patient arrived at the clinic.

To-do list

Making a to-do list is an easy way to divide daily tasks under your employees. To add a to-do list to the dashboard, scroll down to Notes and click Add Note.

The to-do list will appear on the dashboard of all Clinicminds users within your clinic.

Calendar Notes

The Clinicminds calendar allows you to add notes daily. Inform your colleagues about specific events. To add notes in the Clinicminds Calendar, click the note icon in the week- or day view:

Warning Notes

Sometimes it’s convenient or desirable to add general notes, attentions or warnings to your patient overview. Think for example about mentioning allergies, disorders, an upcoming marriage, vacation, or other details about your patient that needs to be mentioned. Read this article to learn how to add notes, attentions, and warnings.

Record Notes

Click on the appropriate treatment record to add additional notes to a prior closed record. Select "add notes" at the lower end of the screen and enter more details. Press the green "Save" button to finish and save the note.

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