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How can I select which patient information fields are required?
How can I select which patient information fields are required?

Learn how to set or edit required or optional patient information fields for a patient profile.

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You can choose which patient data fields are required for your clinic. If you want to have all the data complete, you can set more fields to ‘required’, and the system will ensure that the data gets entered completely.

Or, if you want to reduce the amount of data, you can set fields as ‘optional’. Use this for data fields that are not relevant or important for your clinic.

To select which patient information fields are required, go to menu > clinic settings > patients > required fields

The following options are available.

  • Required

    When you set a specific data field as required, the area must be filled in by clinic staff members while creating a patient file.

  • Required for patient

    When choosing required for patient, the field is optional for staff members, but when a patient receives a request to provide their details from home (online questionnaire to submit data), the patient must provide the data. Use this option for data you wish to register in the patient file, but in your opinion is not a requirement at the stage of booking an appointment.

  • Optional

    The data field is optional to fill in for clinic staff members and patients.

  • Hidden

    The specific data field will be hidden and not be used by clinic staff members or patients.

Patient data fields in the online scheduler

The following patient data fields will always be required in the online scheduler:

  • sex

  • Last name

  • Date of birth

  • Mobile phone number

It's possible to make the following data fields optional or even hide them in the online scheduler:

  • Initials

  • First name

  • E-mail address

Important ⚠️
Be aware that when you choose to hide a specific data field, the field will not be visible and usable for clinic staff members as well.

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