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Newsletter Opt-In settings
Newsletter Opt-In settings

Learn how to collect Newsletter Opt-Ins or subscribe patients to Newsletters to use with other third-party mass e-mail applications.

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Clinicminds has introduced a direct method for collecting newsletter opt-ins, eliminating the need for third-party integrations like Zapier. This enhancement allows clinics to subscribe patients to newsletters directly through Clinicminds, supporting using mass e-mail applications other than the MailChimp integration.

Overview of the New Subscription Feature

This new feature allows clinics to manage how they collect newsletter subscriptions directly from the patient management interface within Clinicminds.

How to Use the Newsletter Subscription Feature

Accessing the Newsletter Settings

  1. You will find the new "Newsletter" screen where subscription preferences are managed here.

Configuring Subscription Preferences

  • No Collection: Choose this if you do not wish to collect newsletter consents through Clinicminds.

  • Clinicminds Collection: This option allows you to collect newsletter subscriptions directly through the Clinicminds system without needing external tools to collect these.

    When using this option without using Zapier, you're able to collect opt-ins (subscribers) but you're not able to collect opt-outs (unsubscribers). The subscribers can be exported to a CSV file to use with external applications.

    When using this option in combination with using Zapier, you can process subscribers and unsubscribes through Clinicminds. There are two triggers available for Zapier, "client subscribed for newsletter" & "client unsubscribed for newsletter".

  • MailChimp Integration: Continue using MailChimp as your newsletter management tool by selecting this option, as was available previously.

Functionality of the Newsletter Checkbox

The updated feature introduces a newsletter subscription checkbox within various patient interaction points in Clinicminds. This checkbox is made available without the requirement for external email management systems. Here’s how it enhances the system:

  • Visibility and Accessibility: The newsletter subscription checkbox is prominently placed within the patient registration form, check-out process, and other relevant patient interaction screens within Clinicminds. This ensures that patients have the option to subscribe to newsletters and that it is easily accessible during their interaction with the clinic's digital platform.

  • Direct Integration: By avoiding external platforms for the initial opt-in process, clinics can manage subscriptions directly through Clinicminds, reducing dependencies and streamlining operations.

Utilizing Reports and Zapier Integration

Once newsletter preferences are collected via Clinicminds, they can be efficiently managed and utilized through built-in reports or integrated with other systems via Zapier:

  • Reports in Clinicminds: Clinics can generate detailed reports that include newsletter subscription statuses.

  • Zapier Automation: For clinics that prefer or require integration with other marketing or email management platforms than MailChimp, Clinicminds facilitates the connection through Zapier. This allows for automated data transfer between Clinicminds and any third-party Zapier-compatible email service. The integration can be customized to sync only those patients who have opted in, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and marketing preferences.

Expanding Subscription Points within the App

The new subscription feature is not limited to a single patient touchpoint but is integrated across multiple stages of patient interaction within Clinicminds:

  • During Patient Registration: The option to subscribe can be included as part of the new patient onboarding process.

  • At Appointment Scheduling: Patients can opt into newsletters while booking their appointments through the Clinicminds online scheduler.

  • Post-Appointment Follow-up: Following a visit, patients can be prompted to subscribe as part of the follow-up process, either within the app or via a follow-up email.

This broad integration ensures that patients have multiple opportunities to subscribe, maximizing the potential for engagement and allowing the clinic to maintain robust communication channels with their clientele.

Benefits of Integrated Newsletter Subscriptions

  • Streamlined Processes: Reduces the need for additional tools and simplifies patient data management by keeping all actions within Clinicminds.

  • Enhanced Flexibility: Offers multiple methods to manage subscriptions, allowing clinics to choose the best tool for their needs without being locked into a single platform.

  • Improved Patient Experience: Makes subscribing to newsletters easier for patients, which can enhance engagement and satisfaction.


The new newsletter subscription feature in Clinicminds is a significant improvement that allows clinics to manage newsletter opt-ins more efficiently and flexibly. By integrating this process directly within Clinicminds, clinics can maintain better control over their patient communications and enhance their marketing efforts with effective newsletter campaigns. This feature is particularly beneficial for clinics looking to streamline their operational workflows and enhance patient service without the complexity of additional software integrations.

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