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this article describes additional services that can be activated and used in Clinicminds

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Other services that you can activate include:

Gift cards

Our app supports the selling and redemption of printed and online gift cards. Clinics can generate unique codes for each gift card and keep track of them all or sell online gift cards. This service includes an automated system that prevents mistakes during the redemption of gift cards. This can serve as an additional revenue stream and can also enhance customer satisfaction.


Clinicminds integrates with Mailchimp, allowing clinics to send newsletters to their clients. With this integration, client lists are automatically updated in Mailchimp and vice versa, ensuring that newsletters reach all relevant recipients.

Quality Management System

Our QMS facilitates the management of clinic protocols and documents. Through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, clinics can easily upload documents, set periodic revision reminders, and enforce user access restrictions. This helps to ensure compliance and enhance communication with staff members. Additionally, the Clinicminds QMS eliminates the need for using external applications for quality management​.

Zapier integrations with Clinicminds

Zapier integration

Integrate with Zapier, a tool that allows clinics to connect their software and automate workflows. By using triggers and actions, Clinicminds can be connected to a wide range of other software, automating tasks that would otherwise be manual.

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