• Only patients that subscribed to your newsletter, through Mailchimp (website form) or via Clinicminds (during a clinic visit or phone consultation).

  • Patients where the send newsletter checkbox is enabled. There are several places in the application to subscribe a patient. See the following article.

Before the synchronization setup: If you like to subscribe to "all" patients that are already in your Clinicminds account to receive a newsletter follow the steps below (disclaimer: only allowed if patients agreed to receive the newsletter):

  • If you already connected to Mailchimp in Clinicminds please disable the Mailchimp synchronization in Clinicminds.

  • Go to Clinicminds reports section and export the patients and import it into the Mailchimp list.

  • Enable & connect the Mailchimp synchronization in Clinicminds.

Once Mailchimp is connected to Clinicminds all actions (subscribing or unsubscribing to a newsletter via the newsletter unsubscribe link, website, or in the clinic) will be automatically synced between Mailchimp and Clinicminds. To understand how Clinicminds/Mailchimp synchronization works please read the following article.

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