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Set up Mailchimp to connect with Clinicminds in 6 steps

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Step 1: Set up a Mailchimp account and list

Before connecting Mailchimp with Clinicminds, you should have a Mailchimp account and a list within your account. If you already use Mailchimp, you’re good to go. Otherwise, visit and sign up for a free account.

Step 2: Connect your Mailchimp account

Open Clinicminds and go to menu > App settings > Integrations > Mailchimp. Click the button Connect Mailchimp Account. You are now redirected to Mailchimp.

Enter your Mailchimp login. After logging in, you are redirected back to Clinicminds. In Clinicminds, you should see a confirmation that your Mailchimp account was successfully connected.

Note: For your security, Clinicminds will not see your Mailchimp password. You enter your password at Mailchimp. Clinicminds receives a random authentication token that is used to connect with your Mailchimp account.

Step 3: Select your Mailchimp list

When your Mailchimp account is connected, you must select which Mailchimp list to use in the Mailchimp list field in Clinicminds. If you already have a list in use for your clinic’s newsletter, we recommend using that list. That way, all your subscribers will be in the same list. If you want to create a new list, you must do that in Mailchimp first. After you’ve selected a list, click Next.

Step 4: Select fields to sync

When you’ve selected a list, you will see the fields that can be synced with Mailchimp. Only fields that you enable will be synced with Mailchimp, so are in full control of your data. It is required to sync the email address, all other fields are optional.

These fields can be used as merge tags in Mailchimp, e.g., to personalize your newsletters (“Dear John” using the first name in Clinicminds). They can also be used for limited segmenting in Mailchimp (e.g., to target patients that live in a certain city). Finally, the birthday field can be used to send a birthday message to patients through Mailchimp.

For each field that you want to sync, you can choose to use an existing field from your Mailchimp list, or let Clinicminds create a new field. If you already have an applicable field in your Mailchimp list, you should use that, and not create a new one.

Choose which fields you want to sync with Mailchimp. For each field, select whether you want to use an existing field from your Mailchimp list or let Clinicminds create one.

After choosing the fields to sync, click Save to save your settings. If you choose to let Clinicminds create new fields in your Mailchimp list, this will be done now.

Important: The field settings cannot be changed when you enable Mailchimp sync. Therefore, make sure to first set up the fields correctly, and enable sync after that.

Note: It’s not possible to sync data about patient’s appointments, treatments or purchases with Mailchimp. In the future, we are going to develop a filtering tool that allows you to filter patients into segments in your list, so you can target specific groups of patients.

Step 5: Enable sync

When you’ve set up the fields properly, you can select Enable Mailchimp patient sync and click Save. As long as sync is enabled, your patients will be synced with Mailchimp.

Note: The field settings cannot be changed when you enable Mailchimp sync. Therefore, make sure to first set up the fields correctly, and enable sync after that.

Mailchimp sync is currently in beta. This means that you can already use the feature, while it is still being developed. During beta, we perform extra logging to resolve potential problems. These logs can contain data from your Mailchimp list or your patient. These data will only be used to resolve problems and will be erased after the beta.

Step 6: Double opt-in (optional)

When Mailchimp sync is enabled, you can subscribe patients to your Mailchimp list using a checkbox in Clinicminds. By default, a patient will immediately be subscribed if you do so. If you prefer to have your patient explicitly confirm their subscription before they receive your newsletter, you can use double opt-in. This means that Mailchimp will send a confirmation email to new subscribers. Your patient has to click a button in the email to confirm their subscription. If they don’t, they will not receive your newsletter.

Double opt-in is disabled by default. To enable is, check Use ‘double opt-in’ for new subscribers in Clinicminds and click Save.

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