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How to set up a Mailchimp connection with Clinicminds

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You can connect Clinicminds to a list in your Mailchimp account. Patient data from Clinicminds will then be synced to Mailchimp. This way, you have accurate information about your patients (like their name and birthday) available in Mailchimp. Also, we provide several methods for patients to easily subscribe to your Mailchimp newsletter from Clinicminds, so you can grow your newsletter audience.

New to Clinicminds

Are you new to Clinicminds? Then visit our website through the button below to learn more about Clinicminds, and get a free demo for your clinic!

Existing users

Do you already have a Clinicminds account? Then follow the steps in the article below to start using Clinicminds together with Mailchimp:

Learn more

To learn about all possibilities of Clinicminds and Mailchimp, see the following articles:

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