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Selling and Redeeming Gift Cards
Selling and Redeeming Gift Cards

Learn how to use gift cards in Clinicminds

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Selling gift cards is a great way to increase your clinic's turnover in multiple ways. This article describes how to register gift card sales and how the codes are registered in Clinicminds.

Tip πŸ’‘: If you used a workaround earlier or sold gift cards outside of Clinicminds, read this article first.
​Important notice: Use your own designed and printed gift cards. Add the generated gift card number and expiry date to each gift card. If you have already pre-printed cards containing a unique code, you can fill in the card number in Clinicminds or use a barcode scanner.

Setting up gift card values

To add gift cards with different values you wish to sell, go to menu > clinic settings > gift card settings. There are some customizable values visible in this menu.

Change the price to change the value or simply click 'remove' to delete it. You can add as many values as you want. Add values by clicking '+- extra option'.
Next, decide if you want to sell gift cards with custom values and if an expiry date is applicable.

Registering gift card sale

Registering a gift card sale requires the same steps as registering a product sale. Follow the steps below to register a gift card sale.

From the dashboard, click the shopping cart in the upper right corner. Select a patient if applicable. Now click 'add product...' and select 'Gift Card...'

  • Select the gift card value (select 'other' to customize the value)

  • Now, add your own gift card number or click 'generate' to generate a custom gift card number and click save.

Add payment details to finalize the sale.

Note: You can also register a gift card sale together with a treatment. You can do this in the 'Payment tab' by clicking 'add product...'. Now, follow the same steps as stated above.

Redeem gift card (as payment method)

Redeeming a gift card actually means accepting it as a payment method. Therefore, the gift card needs to be validated. When finalizing an invoice for a product sale or treatment, click 'Add payment' and select 'Gift Card...'.

Next, enter the gift card number (don't forget the dash between the numbers) and click 'Add'. The total balance of the Gift card will show like this:

User permissions

You can set up four user permissions regarding gift cards via menu > app-settings > user roles.

View gift cards and transactions

This allows the user to view the following menus:

  • Gift cards - An overview of all gift cards and their balances.

  • Gift card transactions - An overview of all gift card transactions.

Revoke gift cards

This allows the user to revoke gift cards in case of misusage for example. You can revoke a gift card in menu > finance > gift cards > gift cards > revoke.

Redeem expired gift cards

This allows the user to redeem an expired gift card.

Finance settings

This allows the user to change the values and settings of your gift cards.

TipπŸ’‘: You can credit a gift card as well. After creating the credit invoice, the gift card will get deactivated immediately.


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