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How to process a refund through a gift card
How to process a refund through a gift card

Learn how to refund a paid amount through a gift card

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This article explains a workaround for a scenario wherein you wish to refund a paid amount on a gift card.

In other cases, such scenarios are quickly resolved by simply crediting the product/treatment in question with the originally used payment method, however, if you wish to credit the value as a gift card, this workaround will ensure that your financial administration is correct at the end of the day and the patient can spend their credit with a gift card at a later stage.

In the image below, you can see that we’re in the credit invoice window, we’re about to credit the payment for ‘A Lotion’.

Before creating the credit invoice, it’s important to take note of what payment method was used on the original invoice, this is so that it’ll reflect properly in your financial reports.

Once you’re done, we’re now off to create a product sale with a new gift card with the same amount as what was credited. Select the same payment method as registered on the credit invoice.

We also suggest that you enable the ‘Allow selling gift cards with custom values’ to make the step above easier.

And with that, the money that you just credited will be returned to the revenue as a gift card and at the same moment, you’ve created a new gift card that the customer can use.

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