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How to set up online gift cards
How to set up online gift cards

Learn how to set up online gift cards in Clinicminds

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It's no secret that gift cards can help support and advertise your clinic without you having to do much heavy lifting. Selling online gift cards makes this process even easier, for you and your patients. Patients can complete the entire ordering process from home. This article explains how to set up online gift cards in Clinicminds step by step.

Connect your Stripe account

In order to use online gift cards, make sure to connect your Stripe account with Clinicminds. Online payments are processed through Stripe and Stripe performs the payout to your bank account. This article explains how to connect your Stripe account to Clinicminds.

Gift card settings

Now that your Stripe account is linked, it's time to set up your gift card values and expiry terms.

Tip💡: You can skip this step If you have previously set up your gift card values and expiry terms for gift cards sold in-clinic.

To add gift cards with different values you wish to sell, go to menu > clinic settings > gift card settings. There are some customizable values visible in this menu.

Change the price to change the value or simply click 'remove' to delete it. You can add as many values as you want. Add values by clicking the '+- extra option'.

Next, decide if you want to sell gift cards with custom values and if an expiry date is applicable.

Digital gift cards template

We created a PSD template that allows you to customize your very own online gift card. The template can be found in menu > clinic settings > gift card settings.
Click "download template" in order to download the PSD template:

You can edit the template in Photoshop or import it to another editing tool in order to apply your corporate identity. Once your template is done, you can upload it in the same menu by clicking "upload design".

Gift card store settings

The final step in the setup of online gift cards is activating your gift card store. To do this, go to menu > clinic settings > gift card store and click "Activate gift card store".

A URL pops up. This unique URL leads to your very own gift card store and can be shared on social media for example. Click "generate embed code" to generate the code that can be embedded on your website. We advise you to contact your website developer to support you with this.

Note: The URL of your gift card store is linked to the URL of your online bookings. To change the clinic name in the URL, edit your short booking URL in the online booking settings.

Since the link directs patients to a new web page, you might want to add the links to your Terms & Conditions, Gift card terms, and privacy policy to the gift card store. The fields as shown below allow you to insert the applicable URLs:

Tip💡: You can also add the URL to your gift card terms to the gift card template**

Whenever an online gift card is sold, an e-mail notification is sent to the clinic. This allows you to easily keep track of your online sales.

Online Gift Card store

The online gift card store can be embedded into your website, or it can be accessed through a direct link. Below is an example of how this might look.

Tip💡: Promote the short URL of the gift card store in your newsletters and your social media channels!

** We advise you to check your local regulation regarding gift card sales.

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