We imagine you used a third party or external workarounds to sell and accept gift cards in your clinic. This article explains how you can still accept these as a payment method. There are two options:

"I used the Clinicminds workaround."

Using our workaround, you should have created a payment method and product named ''Gift Cards''.

First, make sure to set up the new Gift Card feature. Now, delete the current product named ''gift card'' so there will be no uncertainty when selling one. From that moment, when selling a gift card, choose the 'product' as stated below:

We advise you to keep using the 'old' payment method for previously sold gift cards since no gift card number is required when registering a payment. Keep using this payment method and your external list of codes for all previously sold gift cards until the final gift card is redeemed. You can start using our Gift Card feature for all future sales.

"I sold gift cards through a third party (e.g., webshop)."

If you've sold Gift Cards outside Clinicminds, you're still able to accept these. Our advice is to add a payment method and call it ''External Gift Card'' or ''Online Gift Card'' for example. You can use this payment method to accept all previous-sold Gift Cards. Keep doing this until the latest gift card is redeemed. You can start using our gift card feature for all future sales.

Tip: Make sure there's a clear difference when creating a new payment method. The new gift card payment method looks like this:

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