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Enabling Discount Codes in Online Scheduler
Enabling Discount Codes in Online Scheduler

Learn how to activate the discount codes feature for online bookings.

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Clinicminds provides an option to integrate discount codes directly within the online booking system. This feature, however, is not enabled by default and requires specific configuration to activate. The following outlines the process and considerations for enabling discount code entry during online bookings.

Rationale Behind the Setting

The primary reason for making this a configurable option is to accommodate different operational practices across clinics:

  • Infrequent Use of Discounts: For clinics that do not regularly offer discounts, having a visible field for discount codes can confuse patients. Patients might feel they are missing out on potential savings, which can inadvertently create dissatisfaction or the perception that they are being overcharged.

  • Negative Customer Perception: Visible but unused discount fields might lead to negative emotions or assumptions about pricing fairness. This can affect the overall patient experience and brand perception.

Strategic Considerations

Clinics should consider the following to determine the best approach:

  • Patient Engagement: If your clinic frequently offers promotions, enabling this feature can enhance patient engagement and satisfaction by making it easy to take advantage of special offers.

  • Marketing Strategies: For clinics that are ramping up marketing efforts and wish to increase the use of promotional discounts, enabling this setting can seamlessly integrate these efforts with the online booking process.

  • User Experience: Consider the typical user experience and feedback from patients regarding online booking. If patients express confusion or dissatisfaction related to discount codes, it may be worth revisiting how and when these options are presented.

By thoughtfully managing the availability of discount code entry in the online scheduler, clinics can better align their promotional strategies with patient expectations and operational efficiency.

Activating Discount Codes in Online Scheduler

If you decide to activate this setting:

  1. Enable the checkbox next to "Allow patients to enter a discount code when booking"

  2. Once enabled, a new field will appear in the online scheduler where patients can input a discount code during the booking process. Additional settings are set up in the discount code window (as explained above).

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