Permissions for Managing Discount Codes

Learn how to assign the correct Discount Codes user roles permissions to your clinic staff members.

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In addition to creating and applying discount codes, Clinicminds has introduced specific permissions within the Finance section to regulate who can view and manage these codes. Understanding and assigning these permissions correctly is crucial for maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of discount management. Below are the details of these permissions:

1. View Discount Codes

This permission allows staff to access the discount codes interface where all active, expired, and upcoming codes are listed. It is essential for personnel who need to monitor and verify discount codes but do not have the authority to alter them.

  • Applicable Roles: Typically assigned to front desk staff and financial administrators who need to reference but not modify discount codes.

2. Manage Discount Codes

This permission is critical for the management team responsible for creating and modifying discount codes. It includes adding new codes, editing existing ones, and removing codes that are no longer needed.

  • Applicable Roles: Generally reserved for clinic managers and financial officers who oversee promotional activities and pricing adjustments.

3. Redeem Expired Discount Codes

One of the unique permissions related to discount codes is the ability to redeem codes that have technically expired or have reached their redemption limit. This allows managers to accommodate exceptional cases where a patient might miss the discount deadline by a narrow margin or where demand slightly exceeds the preset limit.

  • Functionality:

    • Override Expiration: Managers can apply expired discount codes if they deem it reasonable, such as when a patient arrives a day late but had intended to use the discount.

    • Override Redemption Limit: In cases where the discount code has a usage cap (e.g., limited to the first 20 patients), this permission allows managers to extend the limit to accommodate an additional patient or two, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and flexibility in service.

  • Applicable Roles: This is a specialized role typically assigned to senior management at the clinic. It allows for discretionary powers to enhance customer relations and adapt to individual circumstances.

Use in Practice

These permissions are not only about security but also about flexibility in customer service management. By carefully assigning these roles, clinics can ensure that discount codes are used effectively and responsibly, supporting both promotional strategies and customer satisfaction.

Implementing Permissions

To set up or change permissions for an employee:

  1. Select the applicable User Role, e.g. “Front Desk staff”

  2. Locate the Discount Codes section.

  3. Assign the appropriate permissions by selecting each permission type.

Clinics should review these permissions regularly to ensure they align with current staff user roles and clinic policies. Proper management of these permissions ensures that discount codes deliver their intended benefits without compromising financial controls or operational integrity.

Permissions Summary

  • View Discount Codes: Access to see all discount codes.

  • Manage Discount Codes: Authority to create, edit, or delete discount codes.

  • Redeem Expired/Over-Limit Codes: Special permission allowing managers to override expiry dates or usage limits.

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