Applying Discount Codes During Payment

Learn how to apply a discount code after performing a treatment.

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Clinicminds simplifies the application of discount codes at the payment stage with a streamlined process designed for front desk efficiency. Here's how to apply a discount code to a patient's invoice:

During Treatment or Product Selection

  1. Navigate to the payment tab and, if you wish, add one or more products.

  2. Payment Screen Alert: When you reach the payment screen for a patient with a discount code linked to their appointment, a yellow alert will show and ask if you want to apply the discount code.

  3. One-Click Application: Respond to the alert by clicking the provided button ("Apply Discount code") within the alert bar. This single action automatically applies the discount to the patient's invoice.

No Automatic Match

If the discount code assigned to this appointment does not automatically match the treatment, use the Apply Discount Code link below the total sum line.

  1. Enter the discount code. An alert will display any notes associated with the code, indicating applicable conditions.

  2. If valid, the discount is automatically applied to eligible treatments or products. Non-eligible items will not receive the discount.

Review Discount Code Details

To review the discount code details, click on the information icon as detailed in the screenshot below.

Removing a Discount Code in Payment Tab

To remove a discount code, click the X icon as shown below.

Special Notes‼️

  • One Discount Code Per Record: Only one discount code can be applied to each treatment record.

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