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Release 5.7 - Enhancing Your Clinic Experience
Release 5.7 - Enhancing Your Clinic Experience
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We're excited to introduce Clinicminds version 5.7 πŸš€

We added features to make your clinic operations smoother and more efficient.

What's New in Clinicminds 5.7


Separate Photo Logs: Now, viewing and editing photos in records are logged separately. This clarifies whether an entry was a photo view or an edit, enhancing transparency.

Treatment-Specific Consultation Letter Templates

Customize consultation letters based on specific treatments. This allows for more personalized communication with your patients.

Product Sales

Manual Discounts on Total Sales: You can now apply a discount to the total amount of a product sale, simplifying the discount process compared to applying it individually to each product.

Discount Codes

Improved Discount Code Restrictions: Create discount codes valid only for specific products or treatments, ensuring precise discount application.

Invoice Total Discount Codes: Option to apply discount codes to the invoice total instead of each item, giving more flexibility in discount management.


Enhanced Appointment Restrictions: Clearer options for restricting working times to specific appointments or treatments, ensuring only selected options are allowed during designated working times.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • User Interface Enhancements: Improved navigation and user experience.

  • Security Updates: Enhanced protocols to protect patient data.

  • Performance Optimizations: Faster load times and smoother operation.

  • Bug Fixes: Various issues from previous versions have been resolved for better stability.

Thank you for choosing Clinicminds. We're committed to continuous improvement to support your clinic's success. Stay tuned for more updates!

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