Creating Discount (Promotional) Codes

Learn how to set up discount codes.

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Clinicminds allows clinics to easily create and manage promotional (discount) codes. This feature is designed to provide flexibility in promotions and financial management. This article guides you through the process of creating, applying, and managing discount codes within Clinicminds.

Creating Discount Codes

Accessing Discount Code Management

  1. Navigate to Menu > Finance > Discount Codes to access the discount code management screen.

Creating a New Discount Code

  1. Click on Create New Discount Code.

  2. Enter a custom code (e.g., Valentine) or use the Generate Random Code button to create a random code.

  3. Select the discount type:

    • Percentage - to offer a percentage-based discount.

    • Amount - to offer a specific monetary amount.

  4. Optionally, set an expiration date for the discount code. Leave it unset if the code should not expire.

  5. Advanced Options:

    • Usage Limit: Set how many times the discount can be used in total (e.g., 20 times, 1 time for a personal discount, or unlimited usage).

    • Applicable Services: Specify which services can use the discount code when booked online or manually in the calendar (e.g., laser hair removal for specific body parts).

      If you don’t select any service, the discount code can be submitted during booking for all services. This doesn't mean that the actual code can be effectuated during invoicing. It can only be submitted.

      When selecting specific services, the discount code can only be submitted with specific bookings.

    • Applicable Products/Treatments: Use this section and toggle to restrict discount codes to specific treatments, packages or products. This section specifies to which product or treatment the discount can actually be applied during invoicing.

      Leaving this toggle off ensures that a discount code can be applied to all treatments, packages, and products while invoicing.

      When toggled on, treatments, packages, or products show as unselected and non are eligible for discount codes. Now, select which specific treatment(s), package(s), or product(s) are eligible for the discount during invoicing. For example, you're able to make sure a discount code is only eligible for a single treatment type, single product, single package or a combination of all three.

Notes and Restrictions

  • Internal Notes: Add any notes for internal use to clarify special conditions or rules associated with the discount code, e.g. campaign name, duration or important details.

  • Code input field restrictions: If no services are selected, the discount code input field will be visible with all available bookable services. Selecting specific services restricts the visibility of the discount code input field only to those services.

Next Steps

  • Prepare to Implement: Review the configurations and decide the extent of discount code use in your clinic.

  • Staff Training: Ensure all relevant staff are trained on how to manage and apply discount codes.

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