Setup Guide: User Roles

Add user roles for your clinic staff, like receptionists and practitioners.

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User roles determine the kind of actions a  user is allowed to perform (user rights) and which windows are accessible for this user.

For example, a user role for a receptionist account could determine that the staff member is allowed to create, edit and view patient details but not to delete them. Also, the receptionist user role determines that the user can schedule appointments but on the other hand makes sure the user is not able to review revenue monitors, download reports, review the patient record (due to privacy, etc.).

Important: It’s essential to create the correct user roles needed in your clinic and assign these to the right users.

To create a user role, open menu > app settings > user roles. Next, click the plus icon in the right upper corner and start creating a new role. First name the user role. Finally, select all relevant checkboxes for this user role.

Toggle users

To toggle on or off the user accounts which are attached to a certain user role, click the eye icon in the right upper corner.

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