Setup Guide: User Accounts

Create and Add user accounts for your clinic staff.

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User accounts are individual accounts for all staff members and Clinicminds users. It’s essential to provide each user with a separate account due to security reasons and future control. As each user account has it’s own unique username and password, losing this information is solved very fast by resetting a specific user account or if needed to delete this account without interrupting other accounts.

To add users open menu > app settings > users > user accounts. Next, click the plus icon (+) in the right upper corner. Add all the relevant information and hit the save button.

Important: Only users that are assigned a user role as a practitioner or a user role marked as schedulable will be able to be scheduled in the calendar. Consequently, you will only be able to add working times for these particular user accounts (users).

Note: As a clinic manager, you’re able to require all users to use two-factor-authentication with Google Authenticator (download via AppStore in iPhone or Android Playstore) to log in to Clinicminds. Two-factor-authentication enhances the security level.

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