How do I get a direct link to the online calendar?

Learn how to retrieve a direct link to your online calendar or create a direct link to a specific practitioner in the online calendar

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You can use this direct link for example in direct messages, e-mail messages, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

To retrieve a direct link to the clinic’s online calendar please review follow the steps below:

  1. Click generate online booking link at the end of the page

  2. Next, choose the option “link”, “URL” and choose to display the clinic logo.

  3. You can also choose to generate a link to specific treatments (services), location and even practitioners (new 2022).

  4. copy and paste the generated URL

Direct link to practitioner in online booking

You can now create URLs to the scheduler for specific practitioners. If practitioners want to promote themselves for example through their own network, or if you want to offer bookings for a specific practitioner through your marketing, this is now possible with a custom URL.

Open menu > clinic settings > calendar > online booking settings and select the parameters you wish.

Tip 💡 This also works with our short readable URLs introduced around New Year 2022, so you can create nice-looking URLs like:

To edit your short booking URLs, open menu > clinic settings > calendar > online booking settings and select Short booking URLs.

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