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How to make a new practitioner available for online booking
How to make a new practitioner available for online booking

Learn how to permit a new practitioner to be booked online.

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When adding a new practitioner, a few things need to be arranged before they are available for online bookings.

  • Assign or create a user role with the right permissions to the user account

  • Add the physician to the (online)services.

  • Open online availability.

  • Manually open availability in the calendar (one-off).

The correct user role and user account

The user has to have a practitioner user role. Learn how to create a practitioner role by clicking the following link:

When creating the new user account, you can assign the correct user role to the user account.

Assign practitioner to services

Next, you will have to assign the practitioner to the (online) services. Navigate to Menu > Clinics Settings > Services, select the services, and scroll down to the locations. Here you can select the users for the consultation, treatment, video consultation, etc. at each location.

First time enabling online scheduling

If this is the first time you enable online scheduling, start by allowing online availability. Learn how to do this by clicking here. Once you have opened online availability, bring down the days ahead to 1 and then go to your calendar to manually open your availability (one-off) by clicking the grey agenda icon directly above the date(s) and selecting "Whole day available."

Already using online scheduling

If you already use online scheduling for other physicians, please follow these steps: Bring down the number of days to 1 in "automatically open online availability." Next, navigate to your calendar, click the little grey agenda icon just above the date(s) and select "Whole day available" for one or two days. Finally, change "automatically open online availability" back to the original number. (screenshots)

For more information about opening online availability, please see the following link:

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