Can't see availability in the online scheduler

I can't see my locations, practitioners or availability | Checklist

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Are you trying to add a new practitioner to your online scheduler?

In the User window:

Go to the user settings window in the app.

  • Does the user has the applicable categories assigned?

  • Are the users defined as a practitioner?

  • Is the user available in the correct location?

In the Working times window:

Go to the working times window in the app.

  • Are the working times set correctly for the applicable user and in the correct location Read the article add or edit working times

In the Calendar:

Go to the calendar window in the app.


Go to the services window in the app.

  • Is the service assigned to the correct category to which the user (practitioner) is assigned to?

  • Is the appointment type for each location selected?

  • Is there any user (practitioner) assigned to it?

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