Approve online bookings

Learn how to approve or disapprove online bookings

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Approve bookings

The system provides different notifications to make you aware of pending online bookings (with manual or hybrid setup).
On the dashboard, you will see the number of pending bookings. When opening the menu, it will also show pending bookings. 

Finally, the calendar view shows a monitor icon with a number ticker. The system will also send email notifications of pending online bookings.

Review the image below for an example of the notification on the dashboard.

To approve a booking, start by clicking the cloud icon in the calendar view.

Next, select the online booking by clicking it.

After clicking the booking, you’ll be sent to the calendar view to review the appointment in your calendar view.

Select the pending appointment and review the information in the presented pop-up. 

To proceed,  go ahead and approve the appointment. When several possible hits are available, or the presented information differs from available information in the database, the system will let you choose which information you want to use—for example, the initials, email address, etc.

After selecting the correct information, approve the booking. If you choose to send email confirmations and SMS confirmations, these will be sent out immediately to inform your customer.

Change practitioner during approval

If the patient didn't specify a preferred practitioner during scheduling, you can change the practitioner when approving the online booking. This provides you control over the assignment of online bookings to work out better for the clinic schedule.

To assign the online booking to a different practitioner, look for the user it's currently set to.

Next, click on the dropdown arrow. Review which other practitioner is available, and select the name. Finally, proceed as normal to approve the booking.

Request prepayment during approval

If needed, you can manually request a prepayment while approving an online booking. This can be useful if you don’t require prepayments (for some or all services) by default, but you wish to make exceptions for specific bookings, patients, or situations.

It works just like prepayments for regular appointments: the patient receives a separate message requesting the payment, and if they don’t pay in time, the booking can automatically be canceled.

To request an online prepayment, continue with the approve button. Next, search for the checkbox "require payment".

Tick the box and continue to enter the prepayment amount, the period that this payment needs to be registered, and finally, if you wish to cancel the appointment automatically when these terms are not met.

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