How to reject an online booking

Learn how to reject an online booking, register internal rejection notes, and optionally send the rejection reasons to your patient.

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You're able to reject an online booking when you manage the online bookings manually (instead of automatic approvals). Additionally, you're able to add notes regarding the rejection reason. This could be an internal note or a note to the patient that scheduled the appointment.

To reject an online booking, follow the next steps:

  1. Open the online booking list in your calendar.

  2. Click the applicable appointment you want to approve or reject.

  3. This will lead you to the pending appointment in the calendar --> click on this appointment.

  4. In the popup window, review the appointment request.

  5. If you wish to reject the appointment, click on the "reject booking" button.

Rejection notes

You can enter two types of notes:

  1. Rejection notes: these internal notes are for all staff members who can review these appointment notes.

  2. Rejection reason: explanation to the patient why the appointment request has been rejected.

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